James is a 33 year old man originally from Bettendorf, Iowa. James graduated from the University of Iowa earning a Ph.D. in Physics in 2014. He did not find a Majorana Neutrino.

Currently James is a particle physicist and assistant professor working to inspire young people and working on detector upgrade research for the CMS detector at CERN.

James likes to play music and is an accomplished percussionist, pianist, and guitarist. And he once played the violin, until his sister needed a new flute, so the violin was sold to buy a new flute. But he is not bitter.

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Reina del Cid came to JW's basement, and recorded 5 vocal tracks. This 5 song EP is the result. Justin Mann played the bass and trumpet tracks. JW recorded the other instruments, and mixed the EP. MasterDisk in NYC did the mastering.

Update: This album is no longer available, and if you have a CD it is now a collector's item!

Check out Reina del Cid's latest work here!

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